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Pony Creator


Create your very own personalized pony characters! The Pony Creator allows you to customize your ponys body shape, hair, colors, and more, down to facial expression and pose. Save your ponies for easy editing, or export images directly from the game to share with your friends. And if youre feeling bored, generating a random pony is always good for a laugh!The Pony Creator is one of the most advanced character creators of its kind. Features include:
★ Fully customizable height, weight, and buffness for the ponys body.★ Over 70 completely original manes and tails.★ 52 tattoos to give your pony some personality, PLUS the ability to import any tattoo image you want!★ An easy to use interface that lets you preview all options in the game.★ Full 16-bit color choices--over 16.7 million color choices!★ Over 100 unique accessories including hats, neckties, jewelry, and more!★ Advanced posing options. Turn your ponys head and flip the body to make it look wherever you want it to.
The app includes 100% of the featured content on install--no in-app purchases are required to access any content. The Pony Creator app is also compatible with the online game. If youve played the online game, import your ponies into the app using your ponycodes*.
* Due to differences in content between the app and the online game, the app may not be able to completely recreate your pony. However, it will recreate as much as possible and inform you of any problems.